Tuesday 29 November 2016

November's Other Figurines

Wasn't expecting this pair until Thursday, when they would have been "December's Figurines".
Both hail from the Classic Series, and there is a definite black / silver vibe going on.
First up we have the Sontaran Commander Linx, from The Time Warrior.
A very good model, posing with his helmet. Said helmet and collar a bit too dark, however, and for some reason no toy / model manufacturer ever seems to get a Sontaran's features quite right - despite the face being a mask. Even the Linx at the Doctor Who Experience doesn't quite look like how he appeared back in 1973-4.
Alongside him is the Supreme Dalek from Remembrance of the Daleks - one of those 'only ever seen once' ones. This has the odd shape of the late 1980's Daleks - with the narrower, near vertical base. By my reckoning that's all the Supremes released now. We've still to get the Gold one from the early 1970's, but that was a leader rather than a Supreme.
Next month it's one of the least wanted figurines - a Hath.

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