Wednesday 9 November 2016

A is for... Asquith, General

Senior army officer in London at the time of the State of Emergency declared after a spaceship collided with Big Ben and crashed into the Thames. He assumed command of the military response. When the occupant of the spaceship was taken to the Albion Hospital, he went to view it - meeting Dr Toshiko Sato, who was actually a Torchwood agent.
He then travelled to Downing Street in order to confront the acting Prime Minister - Joseph Green - about his poor leadership of the situation. He met with Green, Margaret Blaine and Oliver Charles. They proved to be disguised Slitheen. Asquith was killed, and the Slitheen who had been imitating Charles then occupied his body-suit, as the General was of more use to them.

Played by Rupert Vansittart. Appearances: Aliens of London & World War Three (2005).

  • Vansittart tends to be cast as members of the aristocracy and other establishment figures. He was one of only a handful of cast members to appear throughout the whole run of popular ITV rural police show Heartbeat. He has appeared in three seasons of Game of Thrones - as a Lord, naturally.

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