Saturday 5 November 2016

Class 1.4 - Reviewed

As with previous weeks - do not read on unless you have seen the latest episode of Class - Co-owner of a Lonely Heart.
The main focus this time is April. Back in the first episode, she found herself sharing her heart with the King of the Shadow Kin - Corakinus. He's back again - trying to get full ownership of the organ.
His influence over April is increasing - leading her to start thinking like he does, and to produce a pair of scimitars when she gets angry.
She has plenty to be angry about, as her dad has just been released from prison and has turned up in the area. We found out earlier that he had tried to kill himself by crashing their car - with April and her mother inside. This is why mum is confined to a wheelchair.
April started seeing Ram last week - and this week they consummated their relationship (in safe fashion I should add).

Elsewhere, Charlie has shown Matteusz the Cabinet of Souls, and Matteusz isn't happy at the thought that his boyfriend might be capable of genocide. The souls on release could inhabit other peoples' bodies and destroy them, or take them over. Either way, another race would die.
Miss Quill, meanwhile, has met the new Head Teacher (Pooky Quesnel, who was the spaceship captain in A Christmas Carol). There's more to her than meets the eye. She works for the Governors - the ones who had a robot infiltrate the academy in the second episode. She is concerned about flower blossoms that are unseasonably falling in the area. These things feed on blood, and are multiplying at an alarming rate. Naturally, they're alien - one blossom having fallen through one of the space / time tears.
The episode ends on a cliffhanger - with April having nearly killed her dad and cured her mum's paralysis now jumping through a tear to confront Corakinus. Ram has jumped through after her. The lethal flower blossoms are still unresolved, and the new Head Teacher claims she can free Quill from her enslavement to Charlie.
Another very good episode. If this one travels at a slightly slower pace, it's because it is the start of a longer storyline. I didn't know it was to be a two-parter when I sat down to watch it this evening.
Charlie is the one character who is least defined. Presumably, the show will focus more on him once it moves towards the final episodes.

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