Wednesday 23 November 2016

A is for... Atraxi

An alien species which resemble large crystalline snow-flake shapes, with a huge eye-ball at their centre. The eye-ball is detachable. Their origins have never been explained.
The Atraxi run a prison. One of their convicts - dubbed Prisoner Zero - was able to escape to 20th Century Earth when a crack opened in space / time. This linked the prison to the bedroom of young Amelia Pond. The Atraxi were able to see where their prisoner had escaped to, but it took them several years to reach the Earth to recapture it. They arrived en masse above the planet and broadcast an ultimatum - either Prisoner Zero be handed over to them, or they would incinerate the Earth, arguing that its inhabitants were sheltering it. They placed a force-field around the planet.
The Doctor was able to arrange for the numeral 0 to be broadcast back at them, and the Atraxi were guided to the hospital in Leadworth where Prisoner Zero was in hiding. Once it had been taken back into custody the Atraxi left, but the Doctor called them back. He was furious that they should threaten the planet and showed them how it was defended - by himself.
The Atraxi fled.
In 102 AD, the Atraxi were part of the Pandorica Alliance, which aimed to trap the Doctor to prevent him from destroying the Universe.

Voiced by David de Keyser. Appearances: The Eleventh Hour, and The Pandorica Opens (both 2010).

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