Monday, 8 September 2014

Figurine Collection - September 2014

Received this month's figurines today - and the latest special figure was included. The two main figures are the Morbius Monster, and Brannigan from Gridlock. The special is the Cyber King from The Next Doctor. I am always happy to see figures from the Classic Series, so welcome Morbius. With the other two figures, the question must be: why? Both figures are actually well made, and if you really, really wanted a Cyber King then this will keep you happy. But did you want one in the first place? Do we really need a Brannigan figure? So much choice available (50 years worth), yet Eaglemoss seem determined to keep churning out characters from Nu Who - no matter how insignificant.
Fortunately, the next confirmed release will take us back to the 1970's - a Pertwee Sea Devil.

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