Sunday, 15 April 2018

D is for... Dicken

A junior member of the acid mining operation run by Morpeth Jetsan on an island off the coast of England. Each of the crew members used avatars composed of a substance known as the Flesh to carry out the more hazardous tasks. These Gangers had all the memories and personalities of their originals. A solar flare caused the Gangers to become independent beings, who rebelled against their slave-like status. The real Dicken sacrificed himself to slow down the Flesh Jennifer and allow his friends to escape. His Ganger survived, and was taken by the Doctor, along with crew chief Cleaves, to the HQ of Morpeth Jetsan to argue for Ganger rights.

Played by: Leon Vickers. Appearances: The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People (2011).

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