Sunday, 8 April 2018

D is for... Destroyer

A blue-skinned, horned demon-like creature, brought to Earth from an alternative dimension by the witch-queen Morgaine. Even she feared it, but she had power over it as it was held captive by chains forged in silver. It was known as the Eater of Worlds, and once unleashed could devastate the planet. Morgaine threatened to free it when Ace and her friend Shou-Yuing were protected by a chalk circle - forming a mental barrier which she could not breach. They possessed the sword Excalibur which Morgaine sought. Despite being held by the chains, the Destroyer was able to wreck the hotel they were sheltering in, allowing Morgaine to seize the sword. When the Doctor managed to snatch it back, Morgaine released the creature. It attacked the Brigadier then prepared to destroy the Earth. The Doctor was going to face it alone, but the Brigadier overpowered him and went to confront it in his place. He was armed with silver bullets, and shot and killed the creature.

Played by: Marek Anton. Appearances: Battlefield (1989).

  • The Destroyer was originally envisaged as looking like an ordinary human who would transform into a demon only when unleashed.
  • Anton also played the Soviet commando Vershinin in the same season's The Curse of Fenric. Though broadcast later, it was made first, and it was from this role that he was cast as the Destroyer.

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