Sunday, 15 April 2018

D is for... Dibber

A young criminal from the planet Salostopus, whom the intergalactic conman and racketeer Sabalom Glitz met in prison. The two became partners in crime for a while. Dibber was with Glitz when they were commissioned by the Master to steal secrets which had been plundered from the Matrix by Andromedan spies. These secrets were hidden on the planet Ravolox - really the Earth, which had been moved through space by the High Council of Time Lords in order to conceal the theft. The secrets were guarded by the L3 robot known as Drathro, which had been tasked with looking after the Andromedans whilst they were in suspended animation awaiting rescue. The robot was powered by a Black Light Converter, which local tribesfolk revered as a sacred totem. Dibber blew this up, causing a catastrophic power build-up to begin which might have blown up half the galaxy had the Doctor not stopped it. The secrets were destroyed when the L3 melted, but Dibber pointed out to Glitz that they could make a fortune from the pieces of the converter.

Played by: Glen Murphy. Appearances: The Trial of a Time Lord (Parts 1-4, AKA The Mysterious Planet) (1986).

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