Monday, 2 April 2018

D is for... Delos

Ian Chesterton met fellow slave Delos when they were both forced to row a Roman galley. When the ship ran aground in a storm, Delos saved Ian and helped him to shore. He decided to accompany Ian to Rome in search of Barbara, who had also been abducted by slave traders. They were recaptured in the city and sent to the gladiator school, where they were were forced to fight each other for the entertainment of the Emperor, Nero. They joined forces and escaped. Delos joined Ian in slipping into the palace, hiding amongst a rabble who were to be employed in setting fire to the city - all so Nero could build a new capital. Ian rescued Barbara, and Delos blinded the slave trader Sevcheria with a burning torch, allowing them all to flee. Delos planned to return to his family, determined that he would not be caught by slave traders a second time.

Played by Peter Diamond. Appearances: The Romans (1965).

  • Diamond was one of the series' main fight arrangers and stunt men in the 1960's. This was one of two speaking roles he was given - the other being a cowardly guard in The Space Museum later in the same season. His final Doctor Who role was as the morris dancer who is hit over the head by Miss Hawthorne in The Daemons.
  • He appeared in numerous TV series and films, including several for Hammer Studios. He featured in the first three Star Wars films - most famously as the Tusken Raider who attacks Luke Skywalker.

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