Sunday, 8 April 2018

D is for... Dent

Captain Dent was the commander of an Interplanetary Mining Corporation spaceship which visited the planet Uxarieus in the year 2471. The planet was already home to a community of colonists from an overcrowded Earth. The ruthless Dent authorised the use of a mining robot equipped with fake lizard claws to attack some of the outlying colony habitats, in an attempt to scare the colonists off the planet. He was prepared to sanction murder to achieve this. Another ploy was to plant one of his operatives within the community, to commit acts of sabotage and to undermine the colonists' morale. He agreed to the summoning of an Adjudicator to decide on who should get rights over the planet, expecting his powerful corporation to succeed over the farmers. The Adjudicator initially found in his favour, but then changed his mind after the colonist leader Ashe mentioned the nearby ancient city of the Primitives. The Adjudicator was, in fact, the Master, come to the planet to obtain a powerful weapon which was to be found in the city. Dent discovered that he was a bogus official. He had his men forcibly put the colonists on their ship, even though he knew it would not survive the journey back to Earth. He showed no emotion when it exploded shortly after lift-off. The colonists had managed to get off the ship before it took off, however. They counter-attacked and Dent's men were captured or killed. A genuine Adjudicator was then summoned.

Played by: Morris Perry. Appearances: Colony in Space (1971).

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