Sunday, 15 April 2018

D is for... Dexeter

The chief scientist of the Starliner community on the planet Alzarius. His researches into a spider species which laid its eggs in riverfruit, a staple foodstuff, led him to consider genetic links with his own people. He informed the Chief Decider, Draith, of his theories and asked permission to study the archives in the Hall of Books. Draith declined the request, as he already knew of the community's evolutionary secret. When a Marshchild was captured on the Starliner, the Deciders gave Dexeter permission to experiment on it. He was about to operate on it when it broke free of its bonds and killed him. The Doctor later discovered that the Starliner people were not explorers from Terradon as they believed, but the descendants of the Marshmen.

Played by: Tony Calvin. Appearances: Full Circle (1980).

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