Wednesday, 3 May 2017

B is for... Bors

A criminal who had been despatched to the planet Desperus, which Space Security Service agent Bret Vyon described as the penal planet of the galaxy. There were no guards here. Prisoners were deposited and left to fend for themselves. Many were driven mad by the Screamers, large bat like creatures which made incessant shrill noises. Bors had managed to make himself leader of one band of convicts, due his possession of a knife - their only weapon. He led an attempt to hijack the Spar 740 spaceship on which the Doctor and his companions had been travelling. It had been sent off course to land here by the Daleks. The Doctor set up an electrical force-field which kept Bors and his fellows at bay, stunning them if they got too close. One of Bors' confederates, Kirksen, did manage to get on board, which had tragic consequences for the Doctor's new companion Katarina.

Played by: Dallas Cavell. Appearances: The Daleks' Master Plan (1965/6).

  • Bors appears in episode three only - Devil's Planet.
  • Cavell had earlier played the greedy roadworks boss in The Reign of Terror, and would go on to play Captain Trask in The Highlanders, Sir James Quinlan in Ambassadors of Death, and the security guard in part one of Castrovalva. He also played on of the Ugly Sisters in JNT's pantomime of Cinderella, which featured a number of Doctor Who stars.

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