Wednesday, 31 May 2017

B is for... Bridget

Member of the group who met to research the Doctor, which Elton Pope came to name LINDA - the London Investigations 'N' Detective Agency, Bridget travelled down to London especially for their monthly gatherings. As the group began to become more of a social network, Bridget would bring along home cooking. She later admitted she had other motives for coming to London. She was looking for her drug-addicted daughter. A romance began to form between her and Mr Skinner. One day, after the group had been taken over by Victor Kennedy, he asked her to stay behind as he wanted to help her find her daughter. Kennedy transformed into the alien Abzorbaloff and absorbed her into himself. Kennedy told the others that she had left the group. When Elton found out about Kennedy's true nature, after all of his friends had been absorbed, Bridget helped attack the Abzorbaloff from within - allowing Elton to seize and break the cane which held his compression field in place. This proved fatal to Bridget as well as the monster.

Played by: Moya Brady. Appearances: Love & Monsters (2006).

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