Wednesday, 31 May 2017

B is for... Brock (2)

Mr Brock was the CEO of the company Harmony Shoals, which the Doctor decided to investigate with companion Nardole. Also investigating was a reporter named Lucy Fletcher. Brock was lured by colleague Dr Sim to a chamber in which a number of brains were held in glass jars. He discovered that these were really alien creatures, who had themselves transplanted into the skulls of human bodies. A group of surgeons appeared, and Brock was killed - his own body given an alien brain. Those who had the aliens in their heads could open their skulls, and had a long scar down their faces. Lucy employed a young man named Grant to nanny her child, unaware that he was really the superhero known as The Ghost. Brock and Sim decided that the Ghost's body would make an ideal receptacle for one of their kind. Brock went to Lucy's apartment block with the surgeons and took her hostage whilst she was interviewing The Ghost over dinner. The aliens had planned to crash a spaceship onto New York City. Their's would be the only building designed to survive the devastation. It was expected that the world's rich and powerful would seek sanctuary in other Harmony Shoals buildings - where they would have their bodies taken over. The Doctor and Nardole sent the spaceship descending to Earth prematurely, and Grant was able to stop it crashing. UNIT raided the company's bases around the globe, but Brock managed to escape capture - vowing revenge on the Doctor.

Played by: Adetomiwa Edun. Appearances: The Return of Doctor Mysterio (2016).

  • Edun played one of King Arthur's knights in a couple of episodes of Merlin, series 3. He became a regular for the fourth season, before being killed off in the final season.

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