Thursday, 4 May 2017

B is for... Botcherby, Oscar

Oscar Botcherby was a resting actor from England who was living in Seville, Spain, where he was looking after a restaurant - Las Cadenas - for a friend. He had a passion for moth collecting, and would take his friend Anita, who also worked in the restaurant, on moth hunting expeditions in the countryside around the city. On one of these trips, they witnessed the landing of a Sontaran spaceship. They suspected it might have been an aeroplane crashing. Oscar liked to give the impression of being a man of action, but balked at the thought of blood and gore. He was pleased to meet the Sixth Doctor, whom he took to be a member of Interpol, as he could relinquish responsibility for investigating the crash.
Later, the Second Doctor - partially transformed into an Androgum - and the alien Shockeye found their way to the restaurant. They ate a vast quantity of food. Anita alerted Oscar. When he tried to press Shockeye for payment, the Androgum stabbed him. He died soon after, regretting that the world would never see his definitive Hamlet. His discarded moth hunting kit, containing cyanide, would later be employed by the Doctor to kill Shockeye.

Played by: James Saxon. Appearances: The Two Doctors (1985).

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