Friday, 7 October 2016

October's Figurines

A third figurine for the second month running. First of the two regular releases is a Dalek (from Death to the Daleks) - referred to in the accompanying magazine as a "Machine-Gun Dalek". The second figurine is a Vervoid, from Trial of a Time Lord Parts 9 - 12.
Accompanying them is the latest of the Special Editions - a Mechonoid from The Chase.
Looking at the Dalek first, this was the one-off silver / black colour scheme, which I personally always liked. The machine gun replaces the usual exterminator. This Dalek is the one with the orange dome lights. The Daleks in this story never had a designated leader who was obvious on screen, and it has always annoyed me that they didn't make it the orange light one.
The Vervoid is very detailed, with its leaf-covered body. No Nike trainers on show.
The Mechonoid, which is obviously to scale with the Daleks, has been simply produced - the scythe-like arms and flame-thrower gun are not extended.
Next month - drum-roll please - we are going to get a Monoid!

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