Thursday, 27 October 2016

A is for... Ashe

Leader of the struggling community of colonists on the planet Uxarieus, in the year 2472. He was accompanied by his daughter Mary. Ashe was often at loggerheads with his young deputy, Wilton. This was particularly the case when a spaceship belonging to the Intergalactic Mining Corporation turned up, its captain claiming that the planet had been earmarked for mining.
Ashe was seen as weak by some of the colonists, blamed for their poor harvests, and for giving away scarce food supplies to the Primitives in order to keep them friendly. An Adjudicator was called in to decide on the opposing claims to the planet, and Ashe hoped to sway him by telling him about the Primitive city, which was of great archaeological significance. The Adjudicator was indeed influenced by this, as he was really the Master - out to claim a super weapon hidden somewhere in the city.
The IMC captain, Dent, took control and forced the colonists to leave the planet. Their ship was a poorly maintained, antiquated craft, and Ashe argued that it would not survive the journey. It blew up on take off - with Ashe at the controls. However, all the other colonists had managed to get off unseen. It is hoped that when the real Adjudicator finally turned up, he would have found in favour of the colony that Ashe helped to found.

Played by John Ringham. Mary played by Helen Worth. Appearances: Colony In Space (1972).

  • This was Ringham's third and final role in Doctor Who, the earlier ones being in the Hartnell era - Tlotoxyl in The Aztecs, and Josiah Blake in The Smugglers.
  • As of 2016, Helen Worth has starred in ITV soap Coronation Street for 42 years.

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