Monday, 23 May 2016

May's Figurines

Am heading off to Rome tomorrow for the week, so no new updates until next Sunday. In the meantime, here is the latest pair of figurines from Eaglemoss.
First of all we get the Wooden Cyberman from The Time of the Doctor. I'm not keen on variants of things I already have, but this has grown on me over the last couple of days. I held it against the Nightmare in Silver model, and it isn't simply a respray. The body is properly textured, and the right arm is in a slightly different position, with the smaller gun attachment. It is also a bit taller.
Then we get a lovely Quark, from The Dominators. I am always pleased to see figurines from the earliest years of the programme. I'm looking forward to a White Robot one of these days.
The next advertised figurine will be the Empty Child. Issue 76 will see the final Doctor release - Patrick Troughton - and No.77 is a Flamethrower Dalek from The Daleks' Master Plan. The next special edition will be one of the Mire.

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