Thursday, 12 May 2016

A is for... Alistair

An incredibly wealthy businessman from the 51st Century. He owned a spacecraft called The Byzantium. At its heart was a forest of treeborgs, artificially augmented trees which produced oxygen to sustain the crew and passengers on long space voyages. Amongst his private collection, hidden in a vault on the ship, was a captive Weeping Angel. River Song managed to get an invite to travel with Alistair - so that she could obtain evidence that he was transporting one of the creatures, Alistair had his own private army, but they hadn't been warned about River's hallucinatory lipstick. River engineered an escape from The Byzantium by scoring a message into its Home Box - a sort of black box flight recorder - knowing the Doctor would see this centuries in the future and be given the co-ordinates to travel back and save her. Alistair narrowly escaped being sucked out into space when River opened an airlock. He was killed soon after when the Angel caused the ship to crash on the planet Alfava Metraxis.

Played by Simon Dutton. Appearances: The Time of Angels (2010).

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