Sunday, 15 May 2016

A is for... Alydon

A member of the Thal people on the planet Skaro, encountered by the First Doctor and his companions Ian, Barbara and Susan. It was Alydon who tried to make contact with Susan as the travelers made their way back to the TARDIS on the night they first arrived on the planet. He left them a supply of anti-radiation drugs - but they did not realise their importance and left them in the ship the next morning. When the Daleks sent Susan to fetch them, Alydon finally revealed himself to her. Together they arranged for the Thals to pass a message onto the Daleks, seeking assistance, and he also gave her a second supply of the drugs, along with his cloak for shelter against the cold weather. The cloak would be instrumental in helping the travelers escape from the Dalek cells.
Alydon was the forward scout for the main Thal party, which included their leader Temmosus.
Somewhat serious and straitlaced, Alydon was easily teased by his fellows about his relationship with Susan. A young woman named Dyoni had her heart set on becoming his partner.
When the Daleks ambushed the Thals, and Temmosus was killed, Alydon was automatically made the new leader. He refused to help the Doctor and his companions retrieve the vital fluid-link from the TARDIS, which had been left behind in the Dalek city. This was because of his strong pacifist views. War had destroyed Skaro, so his people would never take up arms again. When Ian threatened to take Dyoni and hand her over to the Daleks, Alydon struck him down - proving that there were some things worth fighting for. He thought long and hard about what they should do, then announced to his people that he would join the travelers in their endeavours, and was prepared to relinquish the leadership if the others disagreed with him.
He remained behind with the Doctor and Susan to create a distraction, allowing a small group that included Ian and Barbara to infiltrate the city. He then lead an attack on the city.
After the Daleks had been destroyed, Alydon asked the Doctor to stay behind to teach the Thals, but the Doctor declined. He knew that the Thals would prosper under Alydon's wise leadership.

Played by John Lee. Appearances: The Daleks (aka The Mutants) Episodes 3 - 7 (1963 - 4).

  • Lee was Australian by birth, and spent his acting career flitting between the UK and his homeland. Other fantasy TV roles included The ChampionsDoomwatch and The Avengers. He gained some notoriety when he joined the popular soap Neighbours, as Mrs Mangel's dodgy husband, Len.
  • The hand that taps Carole Ann Ford on the shoulder really belonged to future Doctor Who director Michael Ferguson. His hand also waved the plunger at Jacqueline Hill in the first cliffhanger of the story, and was inside the joke shop glove that emerged from under Alydon's cloak for the third cliffhanger.

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