Wednesday, 4 May 2016

April's (Belated) Figurines

Back from my jaunt to Scotland, so normal service will resume shortly. A couple of A - Z items tomorrow night to tide you over, then Ghostlight on Friday, fingers crossed.
Meanwhile, here are the figurines that arrived last week, but were only retrieved from the Post Office depot this morning. Three of them this month - the two regular ones plus the latest of the Subscriber Special Daleks.
The latter is the Emperor's Guard, as it appeared in Asylum of the Daleks. Not sure about you, but why didn't they just give us the version as it appeared originally in Evil of the Daleks? The fact is that all of the Classic Daleks that appeared in Asylum were not shown very well at all. As I said in my review at the time, what was the point having them if they were never clearly seen, plus the scene in the ICU which was supposed to be all about Daleks that the Doctor had met earlier were all bronze RTD ones - despite them having casings available that had been on Spiridon or Exxilon.
Anyway, it's a classic 1960's one, but instead of the black dome we have a dirty grey colour, representing dust and cobwebs.
Earliest of the standard releases is the Axon man (played on screen by Bernard Holley). All very well, but surely it's the Axon Monsters that we all want to see. Perhaps we will get it in its green variant as a Krynoid somewhere further down the line. Buy two, if they do, and paint one red / orange.
Lastly, we get the most obscure of the Supreme Daleks - the black & white one as seen in Resurrection of the Daleks. On screen, it was only really seen from the neck up, or in the dimly (red) lit control room, so its nice to see it in all its rather misshapen glory. We have a rather odd neck section - which doesn't quite fit with the base, and the horizontal rings below the dome are very big. Compare the shapes of the two in the pic below. The main thing about the shape is the way the base angles outwards at the rear - whereas earlier models had a more vertical angle.

Later in May we will be getting a new Cyberman figurine. Unfortunately, it is the wooden one seen briefly in The Time of the Doctor. A rather pointless release in my opinion, when you consider all the creatures that they could have chosen - like an Axon Monster for instance...

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