Thursday, 5 May 2016

A is for... Alex (2)

Father to a little boy named George, who was so scared of things that it triggered a message on the Doctor's psychic paper half way across the galaxy. Alex was married to nurse Claire, and they lived in a London tower block. They struggled to make ends meet, and were being bullied for rent by their landlord. They had tried all manner of techniques with George to try and help him manage his fears - including imagining them consigned to his wardrobe. It transpired that the boy was really an alien Tenza, with powerful psychic abilities. The Doctor noticed that Claire had not appeared to be pregnant in a photo taken just before he was supposed to have been born. His parent's memories had been adjusted so that they would accept him as their own. He transported the Doctor, Alex, Amy and Rory into the wardrobe domain, along with a number of neighbours. He then transported himself. His biggest fear was of being rejected by his parents. When Alex convinced him that he would never treat him as anything but his own child, everyone was freed, and George's terrors subsided. The Doctor promised to look in on the family when George reached puberty.

Played by Daniel Mays. Appearances: Night Terrors (2011).

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