Monday 30 October 2023

Tales From The TARDIS (Updated)

Coming to BBC i-Player on November 1st is what is billed as a new series, the first part of RTD2's Whoniverse. It's called Tales From The TARDIS, and features old Doctors and companions, in various TARDIS sets. No other information yet, and not sure if also coming to Disney+ but I assume so. As well as the Seventh with Ace we have...

The Fifth with Tegan...

Clyde Langer with Jo...

And the Sixth with Peri.

UPDATE: More info found. Another two pairs are Steven and Vicki, and Jamie and Zoe. They act as a framing device to recall one of their old stories - so basically a full story from the archives. The stories are: The Time Meddler, The Mind Robber, The Green Death, Earthshock, Vengeance on Varos and The Curse of Fenric. Sadly no Tom Baker reunion with one of his companions. Presumably we cut to them between the episodes.
These framing links are written by RTD and Pete McTighe, who currently writes the Collection trailers.

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