Wednesday 25 October 2023

60th & Animations Update

The wording is ambiguous - is it only for subscribers? Is it a proper stand-alone Special? It may well just be the ordinary issue published on Tuesday 7th, just with extra DW coverage.

Another TV programme to add to the schedule is Brian Cox's Adventures in Space and Time on November 8th. That's the physicist who fronted The Science of Doctor Who in 2013 and had a cameo in The Power of Three, not the Scots actor who was the first big screen Hannibal Lecter and who voiced the Ood Elder.
We don't know the content of this programme, but the title and the timing would suggest a connection with Doctor Who.
Another show to look out for is a Bargain Hunt DW Special, as we know they were looking for fans to participate back in the Spring.

A UK tabloid is today claiming that it is The Celestial Toymaker which is to be the next story to be animated. This would obviously make sense due to the return of the character in the Specials. There are no telesnaps, but we have The Final Test, and there is a wealth of photographic material, much of it in colour, from the missing instalments.
However, a group of fans are in the middle of animating this story, and the journalist might simply have misconstrued this as an official release. An announcement as to which story will be animated is sure to form part of the anniversary celebrations (along with the next Collection box set, hopefully - currently believed to be Season 15).

Finally, Empire magazine is going to feature the series, and they released an exclusive image which most of you must have seen by now. It features David Tennant in the spaceship which we believe to be the setting for Wild Blue Yonder, which the actor has claimed is "unlike any Doctor Who story" there's ever been. It has been suggested that this might be a two-hander with just the Doctor and Donna, though at least one other actor's CV claims it.

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