Wednesday 21 September 2022

Centenary Images

Some images including the poster above released today - but nothing you haven't seen before if you bought DWM last week. Some nice shots featuring Tegan and Ace, plus that spoilery one featuring the Master holding what looks like a tissue-compressed Yaz.

The fact that Ashad is in this episode, and he was previously shrunk, leads me to suspect that the TCE is now reversible - which is a really stupid idea if true.
The most interesting photo is the one of the Cybermen below, showing the Cybermasters and their fancy new armour (note the engraving everywhere). There are also different ranks, as not all have the Time Lord collar shape. In that DWM, the costume designer (Ray Holman) mentioned that one had a gold collar, and another silver, and one was supposed to be black but he didn't think they'd made that one.
Still no sign of a new trailer or any further information on the Special, though they might be holding out until the next DWM, though that'll only be 10 days before the expected broadcast date.

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