Thursday 26 March 2015

Well, we were promised the trip of a lifetime...

26th March, 2005: Rose, by Russell T Davies. Happy Tenth Anniversary "New" Doctor Who.
I remember warning everyone not to dare telephone me during the broadcast, on pain of something unpleasant. The episode had been leaked by someone at Canadian Broadcasting, but I deliberately avoided. (I wasn't so web savvy then, so probably wouldn't have been able to find it even if I had wanted to). Even Graham Norton's unscheduled witterings didn't spoil the occasion. I recorded it as I watched, and then watched it again straight afterwards. And again about 10pm. And again the next day. Doctor Who was back...
Thanks Russell, Julie, Phil, Chris, Billie, et al.

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  1. I missed this first episode but saw the next one. For me, it was a taste of something new and different and about the only kind of science fiction I could enjoy with the entire family. I've never looked back.