Tuesday 24 March 2015

Figurine Collection - March

The Eaglemoss Figurine Collection continues with a Terileptil from The Visitation, "Rusty" the Dalek from Inside the Dalek, plus the gold coloured base for displaying the 7 special release Daleks.
The Terileptil is wonderfully detailed - except that the manacles he is holding would allow an elephant to escape. Definitely not to scale. I would say the colouring around the head is a little too yellow as well.
"Rusty" we could probably have done without - or at least pushed him further down the release schedule. There are a lot of interesting classic series characters who I would much rather see than just another bronze Dalek variant.
The Dalek display base is not too heavy. Once you have filled it with the Daleks that have already been released - from the normal range as well as the subscriber specials - you might just want to leave them as they are. It doesn't have the hexagonal sections, but could just as easily be used for the Doctors or the Cybermen if, like me, you are segregating these from the bulk of the collection.
Next month sees something I am really looking forward to - the Tenth Planet Cyberman...

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