Friday, 27 January 2017

January's Figurines (2)

Three figurines to round off the month. The two regular releases are the Carrionite witch Mother Doomfinger, and the Cyber Controller as he first appeared in Tomb of the Cybermen. Alongside these we get the latest of the special Dalek figurines, and what an odd one it is.
First up, Mother Doomfinger. Very well modelled, with lots of detailing in the costume. The features are good as well, and you could guess which of the two Mothers this is supposed to represent.
The only thing I would say about the Controller is that he is a bit too silver. On screen, he looked to be darker than his underlings.
The Dalek hails from Evil of the Daleks. As you can see from the pair of images below, there is something definitely amiss with the proportions. This so called "skinny" Dalek had a much smaller base for some reason.The makers, Shawcraft Models, had no records about this version. It is believed that the slimmer base was created as this Dalek would have to traverse a real Victorian house - and so fit through the doors. Up until this story Daleks had only ever appeared in studio or on external locations.
This is the Dalek that orders Victoria not to feed the flying pests, and it was last seen in the Thought Channel sequence in The War Games Episode 10. VFX maestro Bernard Wilkie salvaged it when it was then discarded, and it is now owned by movie director Peter Jackson.
Next month sees the release of Commander Azaxyr, from Monster of Peladon.

Note the single column of hemispheres on the back panel, instead of the usual double column.

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