Thursday, 12 January 2017

B is for... Bannakaffalatta

A diminutive being with bright red skin, whose head is covered in spines. He was a member of the Zocci race.
Bannakaffalatta was a passenger on the Max Capricorn space cruiser Titanic, which had set off from the planet Sto to orbit Earth on Christmas Day, 2008. When it was announced that passengers would be teleporting down to the planet for a look round, the Doctor was initially concerned as his appearance might shock the natives, but London proved to be empty due to crises that had occurred over the last two festive periods. Bannakaffalatta survived the initial disaster which befell the ship - a meteoroid strike. When it appeared that he had become injured, waitress Astrid Peth discovered that he was really a cyborg. Cyborgs were outlawed on Sto, so he swore her to secrecy. He developed a bit of a crush on her. When the survivors were attacked by the angelic Heavenly Host robots, Bannakaffalatta used his cybernetic body's power source to emit an electromagnetic pulse, which destroyed them. In doing so, he drained his power and died. Mr Copper took his EMP device and used it to fend off further attacks - so he saved lives even after his death.
The Zocci have cousins called the Vinvocci, who are taller and have bright green skin.

Played by: Jimmy Vee. Appearances: Voyage of the Damned (2007).

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