Friday, 27 January 2017

B is for... Bell Plants

A large plant species which is hostile to animal life, and is native to the planet Tigella. They appear to be carnivorous. Thick tendrils at the base of the plant can ensnare passing victims, whilst a red, bell-shaped flower sprouting from the top gives the plant its name. The main body comprises folds of thick leaves, which open up to seize the prey and envelope it whilst it is consumed.
Presumably they evolved to eat smaller animal lifeforms, as they are fairly ineffectual at capturing human beings (or similar). Romana, and later a squad of Gaztak mercenaries, were able to extricate themselves from their clutches quite easily.
If they are the only hostile plant form on the planet's surface then the Tigellans would not have had too much trouble reclaiming the surface, once they had been forced to abandon their subterranean city.

Appearances: Meglos (1980).

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