Thursday, 26 January 2017

B is for... Belazs

Belazs was responsible for the day to day running of Iceworld, acting as lieutenant to its real controller - Kane. He was unable to leave the confines of his refrigerated inner sanctum, as the complex's normal temperatures would destroy him. Kane enslaved people, marking them as his own when he gave them a frozen coin that would burn the flesh on the palm of their hand. Belazs had such a mark, and she knew that Kane would never allow her to leave his service. She also harboured some unrequited feelings towards him. She was in charge of the white uniformed guards who kept order on Iceworld, and like them wore a distinctive Pickelhaube helmet.
At the time of the arrival of the Seventh Doctor and Mel on Iceworld, Belazs had started to make plans for her escape - knowing that Kane himself had a scheme to flee his imprisonment. She intended to steal the Nosferatu - the impounded spaceship belonging to Sabalom Glitz. She also conspired with her colleague Kracauer to assassinate Kane - raising the temperature in his vault whilst he slept.
The assassination failed, and Kane destroyed the Nosferatu when the staff and customers of Iceworld tried to flee in it. Knowing that she had conspired against him, Kane killed Belazs - his frozen touch being lethal.

Played by: Patricia Quinn. Appearances: Dragonfire (1987).

  • Quinn's best known role will always be that of Magenta, in the stage and screen versions of The Rocky Horror (Picture) Show.
  • She married actor Robert Stephens shortly before he passed away, and so is technically Lady Stephens.
  • Two of her nephews are members of the band Snow Patrol, and so have a Doctor Who connection of their own.
  • Belazs, like other characters in this story, is named after a film theoretician - in this case Bela Balazs (1884 - 1949).

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