Tuesday, 3 January 2017

B is for... Baker, Major

Head of security at the Wenley Moor nuclear research centre. He was not very happy when UNIT were called in to investigate the power losses and staff problems that were afflicting the centre, as this reflected badly on himself. The Brigadier informed the Doctor that Baker had previously had some sort of unspecified problems in another role. Baker was convinced that the strange goings-on were the work of enemy saboteurs, and refused to believe the Doctor's tales of intelligent reptilian creatures. Whilst accompanying a UNIT search party, he shot and wounded one of the Silurians, forcing it to seek refuge on the moors. Even after being attacked by the Silurians' dinosaur guard, he remained obstinate in his views. Determined not to be sidetracked from the investigations, he broke out of the sickbay, knocking out a UNIT sergeant. He went into the cave system alone, and found himself captured by the Silurians. He was furious with the Doctor when he thought he was allying himself with the reptiles. The Silurians released Baker after infecting him with a lethal plague virus. Baker died from the illness soon after, but only after the infection had begun to spread.

Played by: Norman Jones. Appearances: The Silurians (1970).

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