Thursday, 12 January 2017

B is for... Bandrils

A reptilian race, resembling King Cobra snakes. They inhabited a planet which neighboured Karfel, and had a long-standing trade agreement with the Karfelons to be supplied with grain. Their size is unknown, as they have only been seen on a monitor screen. The Karfelon ruler, the Borad, decided to spark a war between the two planets by reneging on the grain supplies. The Bandrils were faced with famine. The Borad intended Bandril to bomb his planet, in order to wipe out the humanoid population and leave only the dinosaur-like Morlox creatures, as he was a mutated half-Morlox himself. The Bandrils launched a missile with a Bendalypse warhead, which would kill anything with a central nervous system. The Doctor used the TARDIS to physically intercept this weapon, and the new council on Karfel sued for peace and the re-establishment of their trade deals.
The Bandrils knew the Doctor to be a Time Lord, as their ambassador stated that he would notify Gallifrey when it was believed the Doctor had been killed by the missile.

Voiced by: Martin Gower. Appearances: Timelash (1985).

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