Friday, 20 January 2017

B is for... Barnham

George Patrick Barnham was a convict at Stangmoor Prison. He was the last prisoner to be subjected to the Keller Process, which removed all evil from a person's mind. The Doctor and Jo Grant were on hand to witness the operation as UNIT observers. The Doctor had serious qualms about the process. Barnham was left with the mind of a child, after every negative impulse was removed. He formed a bond with Jo and with Dr. Summers, the prison MD. Fellow convict Harry Mailer found his presence unsettling. Keller turned out to be the Master, and his machine contained an alien mind parasite that fed on evil thoughts. It became dormant when Barnham was present, as it had nothing left to feed on with him. The Doctor used this fact to employ Barnham to help safely transport the machine to a rendezvous with the Master at a nearby airfield. When the machine attacked the Master, the kind-hearted Barnham went to his aid. In escaping, however, the Master ran him over and he was killed.

Played by: Neil McCarthy. Appearances: The Mind of Evil (1971).

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