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TARDIS Travels No.35(a)

The first half of the Twelfth Doctor's travels. Last time, the TARDIS was leaving Trenzalore - and the new Doctor had to ask Clara if she knew how to pilot it. All three of the regenerations in the new series have involved the new Doctor crashing the TARDIS.

Journey 722: Trenzalore, date unknown, to Earth in prehistory.
The TARDIS lands in prehistoric Earth, where it gets swallowed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Journey 723: Prehistoric Earth to London, 1890.
When the TARDIS dematerialises, it takes the surrounding dinosaur with it. The creature spits the ship out, and it lands on the Thames foreshore opposite the Houses of Parliament. Madam Vastra arranges for it to be transported to the yard at her home.

Journey 724: London, 1890, to London, 1890.
Once the Half-Face Man has been defeated, the Doctor disappears. Where he goes we do not know. He may simply have entered the Vortex for a while, or might have visited a dozen alien worlds. All we do know is that the ship returns to Vastra's home. The Doctor has redecorated - adding bookcases, comfortable furniture and a warmer lighting scheme.

Journey 725: London, 1890, to Glasgow, 2014.
The TARDIS arrives in the middle of the Scottish city. It was filmed in Cardiff, but does look a bit like Buchanan Street, where there is a real Police Call Box. Clara gets a phone call from the previous incarnation of the Doctor. The Doctor goes to get some coffee.

Journey 726: Glasgow, 2014, to unknown region of space, date unknown.
The TARDIS materialises on Journey Blue's spacecraft, just in time to save her before it is blown apart by a Dalek saucer. The Doctor has the coffee he went to collect in Glasgow.

Journey 727: Unknown region of space, date unknown - Journey's ship to the Aristotle medical vessel.
The Doctor takes Journey to the medical ship which is hidden among the asteroids. He meets the Dalek captive, which Journey's uncle wants him to treat.

Journey 728: Unknown region of space, date unknown, to Coal Hill School, London, 2014.
The Doctor finally delivers the coffee to Clara, the TARDIS materialising in the stationery cupboard at the school where she works. She has just met Danny Pink for the first time.

Journey 729: Coal Hill School, London, 2014, to Aristotle, unknown region of space, date unknown.
The Doctor takes Clara to meet the Dalek, which he will nickname "Rusty".

Journey 730: Aristotle, to Coal Hill School, London, 2014.
The Doctor takes Clara back to the stationery cupboard. Danny is surprised that she has changed her clothes in a matter of seconds, whilst still at school.

Journey 731: Coal Hill School, 2014, to Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, c.1190.
Clara gets to choose where they go next.She wants to meet Robin Hood, whom the Doctor tries to convince her cannot possibly exist... We see an arrow embed itself in the TARDIS shell for the third time. We also get to see it self-repair when the Doctor pulls it out.

Journeys 732 & 733: Sherwood Forest to London 2014 to Earth orbit, 2014.
Unseen, the Doctor has taken Clara home. He then travels into space and meditates on top of the ship in orbit around the Earth. He develops a theory about evolution. Does the thing you think you see out of the corner of your eye, the thing that lurks under your bed, really exist? Could there be a creature that has the perfect camouflage?

Journey 734: Earth orbit to Africa, date unknown.
To explore his theory further, the Doctor visits the Savannah somewhere in Africa.

Journey 735: Africa, date unknown, to bottom of the ocean, date unknown.
More explorations - this time on the sea bed. Somewhere where they have puffer fish.

Journey 736: Seabed, date unknown, to London, 2014.
The Doctor travels to Clara's flat, materialising in the bedroom. He becomes disconcerted by her triple mirror. Does she need it because her face is so wide?

Journey 737: London, 2014, to Gloucester, 1990's.
First sight of the new telepathic circuits. A bank of gelatinous panels on the console that you stick your hands into. The Doctor wants to visit somewhere significant in Clara's past, but she gets distracted by thoughts of Danny after a disastrous dinner date and so they end up in his childhood instead - a children's home that he stayed in.

Journey 738: Gloucester, 1990's, to London, 2014.
The Doctor takes Clara back to the scene of that dinner date so that she can salvage the situation.
Journeys 739 & 740: London, 2014, to unknown planet, end of the universe, to London, 2014.
Unseen, the Doctor goes into the far future and collects Danny's (and Clara's?) descendant Orson Pink, who is an explorer. This is due to the telepathic circuit once more. Orson was supposed to travel a short time into the future, but ended up at the end of the universe. The Doctor brings him back to the restaurant where Clara is meeting Danny.

Journey 741: London, 2014, to unknown planet at the end of time.
The TARDIS travels to Orson's time-ship, as the Doctor assumes that his theoretical creature will have survived until the end of the universe. He wants to see it, but doesn't get the chance.

Journey 742: Unknown planet, end of the universe, to Gallifrey, date unknown.
The telepathic circuit once more plays a part, as the TARDIS arrives in the Doctor's childhood. It materialises in a barn where he liked to sleep on his own. Clara inadvertently plants the Doctor's latest obsession in his head. She is the thing under his bed. Strictly speaking, the TARDIS should not have been able to land on Gallifrey, as it has been out of bounds due to the Time War and subsequently hidden in a pocket universe. Then again, the Time War has leaked like a sieve...

Journeys 743 & 744: Gallifrey, date unknown, to London, 22nd Century, to London, 2014.
First Orson is taken home, then Clara.

Journeys 745 & 746: London, 2014, to date and location unknown, to London, 2014.
The Doctor goes off somewhere unknown, then arrives back at Clara's flat. He has a trip in mind when the phone in the TARDIS door starts to ring.
Journey 747: London, 2014, to spaceship in orbit around unnamed planet, date unknown.
The planet is home to the Bank of Karabraxos. The Doctor, Clara and new friends Saibra and Psi find themselves with their memories wiped, and involved in a bank heist. They discover that the TARDIS is parked on an orbiting spaceship.

Journey 748: Spaceship orbiting unknown planet, date unknown, to unknown planet, date unknown.
The Doctor and Clara take the Teller creature and its mate to a new home.

Journeys 749 - 751: Unknown planet, date unknown to same, to same, to London, 2014.
The Doctor takes Saibra, Psi and Clara to their respective homes and times.
Journey 752: London, 2014, to unknown planet, date unknown.
Now that he has worked out that he is the mastermind behind the heist - really a rescue - the Doctor has to travel back to the Bank at a slightly earlier time in order to set up the adventure that he has just experienced.

Journeys 753 & 754: Unknown planet, date unknown, to London, 2014, to unknown planet, date unknown.
After setting up the Karabraxos affair, the Doctor returns to London and picks up Clara for her next trip - and they find themselves chained up in a harsh desert landscape, with sand piranhas...
Journey 755: Unknown desert planet to London, 2014.
Danny is surprised that Clara has developed a tan since he last saw her - earlier that same day...

Journey 756: London, 2014, to Atlantis (?), date unknown.
The Doctor takes Clara to meet some Fish People. Probably not the Fish People from The Underwater Menace, but it would be nice to think that it was.
Journey 757: Atlantis (?), date unknown, to London, 2014.
Danny wonders why Clara has seaweed in her hair when they embark on another date...

Journey 758: London, 2014, to location and date unknown.
We see the Doctor and Clara running for their lives through a futuristic labyrinth, an unseen pursuer firing laser weapons at them.
Journey 759: Unknown location and date, to London, 2014.
An exhausted Clara has to go for a jog with Danny...

Journey 760: London, 2014 - Clara's flat to Coal Hill School.
The Doctor takes up the temporary position of caretaker at Clara's school. The TARDIS is parked in the janitor's storeroom. The Doctor has no qualms about showing the ship's interior to young Kourtney Woods - believing she is the same age as Clara.

Journeys 761 & 762: Coal Hill School - caretaker's area to assembly hall to caretaker's area.
The Doctor temporarily moves the TARDIS onto the stage of the assembly room where he planned to ensnare the Scovox Blitzer. Unfortunately Danny intervenes. He finds it all hard to take in - especially why Clara would be travelling in time and space with her dad... This does not endear him with the Doctor. The Doctor later takes the ship back to the caretaker's storeroom.

Journey 763: Coal Hill School, London, 2014, to unknown region of space, date unspecified.
Having managed to deactivate the Scovox Blitzer, the Doctor allows Kourtney to accompany him whilst he dumps it in deep space. Kourtney suffers from travel sickness. Get the paper towels...

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