Friday, 2 October 2015

Forthcoming Figurines

Was having a bit of a browse on the Forbidden Planet website tonight and spotted a few of the forthcoming items to be released as part of Eaglemoss' Figurine Collection. October is going to see a Hartnell figure, and it looks like it will be paired with an Auton. Sadly, not the creepy Spearhead From Space variety - a big mistake in my view.

November will then see the white / gold Dalek from the Baker / McCoy seasons, along with the Eighth Doctor - from Night of the Doctor rather than from his debut in The Movie.

The Eaglemoss Facebook page used to publish pictures of the forthcoming figurines, but mostly just does generic Doctor Who posts, or pictures of fans' collections nowadays.
Am very pleased to see that the next Special Edition will be the Emperor Dalek from Evil of the Daleks. I have been expecting them to get round to this, but am curious what they will do with the cables. Will they just dangle in space?

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