Sunday, 11 October 2015

Derek Ware 1938 - 2015

Sad to hear today that the fight arranger / stunt performer / actor Derek Ware has passed away.
He was involved with Doctor Who right from the very first episode, and continued to be associated with the show for its first 10 years.
He was the fight arranger on An Unearthly Child - responsible for the visceral fight between Kal and Za in the Cave of Skulls. He doubled for Jeremy Young in this.
When Dougie Camfield recorded the closing moments of The Chase, as part of production on The Time Meddler, Ware got the small speaking role of the bus conductor who asks if Ian and Barbara have been on the moon, since they don't know 1965 bus fares.

It's with the early Pertwee period that he is best remembered - having been the boss of the stunt team Havoc. Ambassadors of Death and Inferno are excellent showcases for his work. As well as arranging stunts and fights, he appears on screen in both as UNIT personnel. He's the one who falls from the helicopter in Ambassadors, and he's the infected soldier atop the gasometer who threatens the Third Doctor in Inferno - Private Wyatt.
In Claws of Axos, he played Pigbin Josh - first victim of Axos. Ware's connection with the series ended after Season 9, due to union issues. His legacy was felt beyond this point, as a couple of his old team worked on until the end of the 70's - Terry Walsh, and Stuart Fell. Indeed, one of his team was to be seen in 2010 - Nick Hobbs playing Mr Nainby in Amy's Choice.
Check out the DVDs of those Pertwee episodes, as Ware and his team feature on the extras and commentaries.
Derek - RIP.

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