Friday, 2 October 2015

New Spin-Off Series Announced!

The other day I commented on the panic that has been generated by the low overnight viewing figures - and how these were absolutely nothing to worry about. Well tonight, the BBC have expressed their on-going confidence in the series, by announcing that there is going to be a new spin-off series, called Class.
It will broadcast as 8 x 45 minute episodes on BBC3, some time in 2016. It will be aimed very much at the teenage market. The principle writer is Patrick Ness, and Moffat will exec-produce.
The name derives from the fact that the series will be set in and around Coal Hill School, in the present day.
The other day, Moffat was talking about nearly putting K9 into Last Christmas, and he would love to reintroduce the character if the right story came along. This might provide just that opportunity.
The series might also allow for appearances by other characters from The Sarah Jane Adventures. Maybe we will see Courtney Woods again.
I suspect that the Doctor will get at least a cameo - either to launch the first episode, or to bring it to a close. We are promised new monsters and aliens, but hopefully some old favourites might also get a look in.
With rumours that we are only going to get half a series next year, this might go some way to plugging any gap.

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