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TARDIS Travels No.30

David Tennant's last full season as the Doctor, but before we get to that there is the small matter of Time Crash. The conclusion of Last of the Time Lords saw the Doctor go straight from dropping off Martha back at home to colliding with a ship called the Titanic. Except, in the Children In Need special we saw that the journey was far from straight-forward. The TARDISes of the Fifth and Tenth Doctors manage to end up inside each other. This could blow a whole in the universe the size of Belgium, but the Tenth Doctor remembers what the Fifth Doctor saw that averts this - the Fifth Doctor having seen what the Tenth Doctor does. Wibbly-wobbly...

Journey 475: London, Spring 2008, to Titanic, Earth orbit, 25th December 2008.
The TARDIS is in mid-flight, with the defences down, when it hits the spaceship Titanic. The shields being down is probably due to the extensive repairs that would have been needed to dismantle the Master's Paradox Engine. After making repairs to seal the breach, the ship then materialises in a storeroom on the vessel.
Once the Titanic has been struck by meteoroids, the TARDIS is cast adrift in space and makes its own way down to Earth - a defence mechanism akin to the old Hostile Action Defence System.

Journey 476: London, 25th December 2008, to London, Spring 2009.
The Doctor parks the TARDIS close to the HQ of Adipose Industries, as he wants to investigate the firm.
Journey 477: London to London, Spring 2009.
The ship is later seen in an alley. It could not have been there earlier in the story as Donna has parked her car here - and she would surely have spotted the TARDIS.

Journey 478: London, 2009, to Pompeii, Italia, 23rd August 79 AD.
En route to Pompeii, the Doctor does a fly-past over Chiswick so that Donna's grandfather can see that she found who she was looking for.
The TARDIS materialises in the storage area of a market trader, who sells it to local marble merchant Caecilius, who in turn has it transported to his home. The Doctor was aiming for Rome. Reminds you of someone, that Caecilius...

Journey 479: Pompeii to Pompeii, 24th August 79 AD.
The Doctor forces Donna to leave with him, but she manages to convince him to save Caecilius' family, so the ship rematerialises back at his house.

Journey 480: Pompeii - city to environs, 24th August 79 AD.
The Doctor takes Donna and the Pompeian family to a hillside overlooking the doomed city.

Journey 481: Pompeii, 79 AD, to Ood-Sphere, 4126.
The TARDIS materialises in the frozen wastes near Ood Operations.

Journey 482: Ood-Sphere, 4126, to England, 2009.
It must be at least 6 months since he left Martha on Earth, for her to be already established with UNIT. The Doctor gets a call from her, which brings the ship to the Atmos factory.
The TARDIS is briefly teleported to the Sontaran spaceship in orbit above the planet.

Journey 483: England 2009, to Messaline, 24th July, 6012.
The TARDIS suddenly takes off on its own - homing in on the Doctor's semi-Time Lord daughter Jenny. It arrives before she is created - thus bringing her about and creating a paradox. Donna works out the date thanks to her having temped as a librarian.

Journey 484: Messaline, 6012, to London, 2009.
The Doctor and Donna take Martha home. Bad bit of parking that - up on the kerb...

Journey 485: London, 2009, to Eddison Manor, England, 8th December 1926.
Well, they certainly had extremely mild winters back in the 1920's, didn't they? Maybe the Vespiform can generate its own micro-climate around it...

Journey 486: Eddison Manor to Harrogate Hotel, December 1926.
The Doctor and Donna drop the amnesiac Agatha Christie at the hotel where she will be discovered after having gone missing. Weather's lovely up here as well for the time of year...

Journey 487: Harrogate Hotel, England, 1926, to The Library, 51st Century.
The TARDIS materialises in The Library, which covers an entire planet. They are in the Biography Section. It isn't a Sunday, as the Doctor avoids them. They have come here in response to a message received on the Psychic Paper - which turns out to have come from a certain Professor River Song...

Journey 488: The Library, 51st Century, to Midnight, 27th Century.
The Doctor and Donna arrive at the leisure complex on the planet Midnight. One of the rare occasions in the New Series when the TARDIS is never seen at all in the episode.

Journey 489: Midnight, 27th Century, to Shan Shen, date unknown.
The TARDIS materialises in a street market on this planet which has a Chinese culture.
The Time Beetle causes Donna to experience an alternative time-line in which the Doctor died fighting the Racnoss - as he never met her. UNIT take the TARDIS and Rose Tyler, who has crossed from the parallel Earth, employs it to send the alt. Donna back in time to ensure history isn't corrupted.
Rose's reappearance in this universe causes the TARDIS to translate all writing as "Bad Wolf" - including its own signage.

Journey 490: Shan Shen, date unknown, to London, 2009.
The Doctor races back to Earth - only to find that everything appears to be quite normal. Soon after, however, the ship is left adrift in space when the planet vanishes from under it.

Journey 491: London, 2009, to the Shadow Proclamation, 2009.
Presumably still in 2009. The Doctor goes to seek the help of the oft-mentioned Shadow Proclamation, and learns of the other missing worlds. The Shadow Architect intends to use the TARDIS as a weapon in the war which will be waged against whoever is responsible for stealing the planets.

Journey 492: Shadow Proclamation to Medusa Cascade, 2009.
The significance of the missing bees leads the Doctor and Donna on a trail to the Medusa Cascade.

Journey 493: Medusa Cascade to same, 2009.
The telephone signal boosted through the Sub-wave Network, Sarah Jane's super-computer Mr Smith and the Torchwood Hub allows the TARDIS to break through the temporal barrier the Daleks have created to screen themselves and the missing planets.

Journey 494: Medusa Cascade to London, 2009.
The TARDIS materialises in the city. The Daleks have the ship transported up to the Crucible after the Doctor's abortive regeneration. It is then dumped into the heart of the Crucible, with Donna still aboard, to be destroyed by Z-Neutrino radiation.

Journey 495: Dalek Crucible to Medusa Cascade, 2009.
Before it can be destroyed, the newly created human Doctor pilots the ship to safety.

Journey 496: Medusa Cascade to Dalek Crucible, 2009.
The human Doctor and Donna return to the Dalek vessel.

Journey 497: Dalek Crucible to Medusa Cascade, 2009.
The TARDIS leaves the Crucible before it explodes and tows the Earth back to the Solar System. Throughout the Classic Series, there was never any question that the TARDIS needed to be piloted by more than one person. In 2005, RTD said that the reason the ship flew so erratically was that it was actually designed to be flown by 6 pilots - hence the six sides to the console. Here we see all six sections being operated simultaneously for the first time.

Journey 498: Earth orbit to London, 2009.
Presumably London, as Sarah Jane would need to get home for Luke. She, Jack, Martha and Mickey all jump ship here.

Journey 499: London, 2009, to parallel Norway, 2009.
Jackie isn't pleased to find they are back in Norway again - at Bad Wolf Bay. The human Doctor leaves to live with Rose.

Journey 500: Parallel Norway, 2009, to Chiswick, London, 2009.
To save her life, the Doctor has had to wipe Donna's memories of him and their travels together. He takes her home to her mother and grandfather.

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