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TARDIS Travels No.29

The Doctor has no sooner said farewell to Rose Tyler when Donna Noble suddenly appears in the TARDIS - in her wedding dress.
Journey 443: Unknown region of space, 2007, to London, 24th December, 2007.
Presumably the ship is in the same time zone when the Huon Particles within Donna attract her to it. These particles no longer exist in the universe - except within a TARDIS. Determined not to miss her wedding Donna has the Doctor take her back to London. They are a few miles from Chiswick where the wedding was about to take place. The Doctor doesn't know about the Huon Particles yet - but the TARDIS is clearly affected by their presence.

Journey 444: London, unknown district, to the City via M4 Motorway - 24th December, 2007.
After Donna makes the mistake of getting into a taxi driven by a Robot Santa, the TARDIS travels in real space / time to the motorway to effect a rescue. It then takes the Doctor and Donna to the roof of an office block on the western edge of the City of London.

Journey 445: City of London to Chiswick, 24th December, 2007.
The Doctor takes Donna to her wedding reception - which is still taking place despite there having been no marriage. We do not see where it materialises.
The Doctor, Donna and Lance travel to HC Clements very slowly by car (as seen in a very funny deleted scene).

Journey 446: Chiswick to East London (Thames Barrier), 24th December, 2007.
Not a conventional journey by any means. In the same way the Huon Particles within Donna attracted her into the TARDIS, they do the same to bring the ship to her, at the Torchwood facility built beneath the Thames Flood Barrier.

Journey 447: Torchwood facility, East London, 2007, to birth of the Earth, 4.5 billion years ago.
The Doctor and Donna travel back to the origins of the Earth to find out what the Racnoss buried at the centre of the planet. It transpires that the planet formed around a Racnoss Webstar.

Journey 448: Solar System, 4.5 billion years ago, to Torchwood facility, East London, 24th December, 2007.
The Doctor uses the Extrapolator, in its final appearance, to make sure the TARDIS lands some distance away from the Racnoss Queen.

Journey 449: Torchwood facility, East London, to Chiswick, 24th December, 2007.
Donna asks the Doctor in for Christmas dinner - though it ought still to be the same night as the wedding - Christmas Eve. The TARDIS is able to fire a flare into the sky which creates its own mini weather system. The switch is just above the door, and the flare emerges from the roof light.

Journey 450: Chiswick, 24th December, 2007, to Lambeth, May 2008.
The Doctor parks the TARDIS outside the Royal Hope Hospital on London's Albert Embankment -across the Thames from the Houses of Parliament. We know the rough date as a General Election is imminent.

Journey 451: Lambeth to unknown district of London, May 2008.
The TARDIS materialises in an alley near the pub where Martha's family have gathered to celebrate her brother's birthday.

Journeys 452 & 453: London - same day.
The Doctor pops back to that morning to prove to Martha that the TARDIS is a time machine.

Journey 454: London, May, 2008, to London, Southwark, 1599.
The Doctor takes Martha back to Elizabethan Bankside, materialising near the Globe Theatre.

Journey 455: London, 1599, to New New York, New Earth, 5,000,000,053.
The Doctor next takes Martha to New New York, arriving in the squalid Pharmacy Town district. It is 30 years since he last visited. An arrow fired into the ship by one of Queen Elizabeth's bodyguards survives the journey.

Journey 456: New New York, 5,000,000,053, to New York, 1931.
After the new version, the original. The TARDIS materialises at the foot of the Statue of Liberty. A newspaper states that it is November 1st.

Journey 457: New York, November 1931, to London, May 2008.
Martha is less than pleased to find that the Doctor has brought her home to her flat, the morning after she first traveled with him.
Journeys 458 & 459: The Doctor leaves, but returns immediately because of something he heard Professor Lazarus say on TV.

Journey 460: London, 2008, to SS Pentallian, Torajii System, 4108.
The TARDIS becomes trapped in a chamber due to extremely high temperatures, as the spaceship is spiraling towards the nearby sun.

Journey 461: SS Pentallian, 4108 to unknown planet, date unknown.
The Doctor and Martha encounter the Family of Blood at an unknown location.
Journey 462: Date and location unknown to England, November 1913.
The TARDIS is left dormant in a barn after the Doctor uses the Chameleon Arch to become human. The Arch is in the console room, descending from the ceiling.
The school where he works as John Smith is called Farringham, so this may be the name of the village. Father of Mine moves the ship to the school after its location is discovered.

Journey 463: England 1913 to date and location unknown.
The Doctor takes Mother of Mine and leaves her suspended on the edge of a Black Hole. We do not know exactly where Father and Daughter of Mine were imprisoned - may have been within the TARDIS itself.

Journey 464: Date and location unknown to England, November, 1913.
The Doctor sets up Son of Mine as a scarecrow, and he and Martha bid farewell to Tim Latimer.

Journey 465: England November 1913 to England November 2008.
The Doctor and Martha witness the elderly Tim Latimer attending a Remembrance Day ceremony.

Journey 466: England 2008, to London, 2009.
The Doctor and Martha are hunting for an alien when they meet Sally Sparrow who gives them a file of information they will need shortly. It is a year after the subsequent events. This appears to be suburban London - judging from something Kathy Nightingale will say.

Journey 467: London 2009, to London, 2008.
The TARDIS arrives at an old house named Wester Drumlins. The Doctor and Martha are sent back to 1969 by the Weeping Angels. The TARDIS is found by the police and moved to the police station, but the Angels move it back to the house.
Journey 468: London 2008 to 1969.
A control disc inserted into the control console sends the TARDIS back to 1969 to be reunited with the Doctor and Martha.

Journey 469: London 1969, to Cardiff, May 2008.
The Doctor decides to refuel the TARDIS from the Rift running through Cardiff. He spots Captain Jack running towards the ship and makes a hasty retreat.

Journey 470: Cardiff, 2008, to Malcassairo, year 100 Trillion.
Jack jumps onto the TARDIS shell and his presence causes the ship to hurtle forward to the end of the Universe. This proves fatal to Jack, but then he just happens to be immortal. The TARDIS is later found by a patrol and moved to Professor Yana's laboratory.

Journeys 471 - 473: Malcassairo, 100 Trillion, to Earth 2006. Earth 2006 to Utopia, 100 Trillion. Then Utopia 100 Trillion to Earth 2006.
Three known journeys for the Master in the stolen TARDIS. However, we do not know how many times he popped back and forth. The ship can only travel between 100 Trillion and 2006 as the Doctor managed to lock the controls. The ship is eventually transformed into a Paradox Engine and stored in the UNIT vessel Valiant.

Journey 474: Valiant to London, May 2008.
The Doctor takes Martha to her family home, and she decides to stay behind to look after them - and track down Tom Milligan - a doctor who might actually notice and return her affections.

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