Friday, 10 July 2015

Series 9 Trailer

10.30pm GMT and the BBC release the first trailer for Series 9. A lot of the images seem to come from the same episode - featuring as they do the same arched corridor.

Our first confirmation that the Daleks are back - apparently a whole city of them. There is going to be new alien race called The Mire.

Also an adventure set under the sea - probably where that corridor comes in as we see it flooded with water. A number of people with blacked out eyes.

There's a big battle sequence that certainly wasn't filmed anywhere near Cardiff - presumably the Lanzarote filming for the opening two-parter.

The chap above appears to be wearing a crown, so presumably this is Odin from the Viking-era episodes.

The Zygon story is described as "a global Zygon uprising".

And what are we to make of Maisie's appearance. The Doctor obviously knows who she is. Has Moffat finally got round to using Jenny from The Doctor's Daughter? He did ask RTD not to kill off the character. If it is indeed her, it would tie in with other things we have heard about the new series - especially why he chose the new face he did. What was so special about Caecilius? He was simply a husband - and a father. A family man...
And the Twelfth Doctor gets to play the Rock Star...
Roll on September 19th.

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