Monday, 13 July 2015

July's Figurines

Three new figurines to add to the collection this month. The extra one is the fourth of the subscription-only special Daleks. This is Dalek Sec. Not much to say about him, as he is obviously just one of the standard bronze ones with a black paint job.
The other two figures are both from the Seventh Doctor era - namely the Doctor himself and the Davros / Dalek Emperor from Remembrance of the Daleks.
The first is a very good likeness of Sylvester McCoy. The accompanying magazine covers his first series story Delta and the Bannermen. At first glance I thought the figure a bit too tall in comparison with the other Doctors, but then I noticed that his hexagonal base is slightly higher than usual.
As Remembrance was already covered in another issue, the magazine accompanying Emperor Davros chooses to look at Dalek incursions in Earth's history.
Whilst I loved Terry Molloy's vocal performance as Davros, I was never enamoured of that 80's mask. Just compared this new figure with the Julian Bleach Davros figurine, and the Molloy one looks quite crude and lumpy.
The next confirmed release will be a Handbot, from The Girl Who Waited. Sadly not the Rorybot...

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