Friday, 5 December 2014

Last Christmas - Radio Times

Yesterday (Thursday 4th December) saw the traditional Doctor Who Christmas Special cover for the Radio Times. In recent years, it has never gained the cover of the actual Xmas / New year double issue (few programmes ever get that honour - usually it is a more generic festive image, though there have been DW elements included in the past). The DW Special has tended to get the cover of the issue immediately before, and that goes the same for this year.
Inside there is a pair of interviews - one with Nick Frost and one with Steven Moffat. SM does not give much away - save that Santa will be introduced in a "science fiction" way - so he isn't the magical / legendary figure after all. Looking ahead to Series 9, he will only confirm that Michelle Gomez has been asked back to reprise Missy at some point.
It is that time of the year when multiple issues of RT overlap in the shops. The double issue covering Xmas and New Year is out tomorrow - with a Peter Capaldi interview.

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