Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Merry Christmas, One And All!

Next post is going to be my look at this year's Christmas Special - Last Christmas. No doubt forums will have already deconstructed it line by line and scene by scene, but I have managed to get away with knowing next to nothing about the story. Which is nice. I am going to take a leap, however, and say that I do expect that Clara really will go this time - mainly because of that title for the Series 9 opener - The Magician's Apprentice. Surely has to be a new companion introduction piece with a title like that.
I'm hoping to post on the night itself (no work this year for a change - hooray - and I promise to stay off the booze until after. Well, during... If it descends into incoherent ramblings you'll know which. What do you mean "how will we tell"?...).
Anywhos, for now let me take this opportunity to wish you all at home a very, very Merry Christmas.
Here's a reprise of a video I featured a couple of years ago at this time - a little remembrance of recent Christmases Past.

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