Friday, 5 December 2014

Ian Fairbairn

Very sorry to hear that actor Ian Fairbairn has passed away (on Tuesday 2nd December).
He guested in four Doctor Who stories - three of them highly regarded. The first was the early Troughton story The Macra Terror (as Questa). Not so highly regarded an adventure but the next three appearances were all for director Douglas Camfield. He was the cowardly and ineffectual International Electromatics scientist Gregory in The Invasion; technician Bromley - who becomes a Primord in both this Universe and the parallel one - in Inferno; and finally (hidden in a parka in a blizzard so you'd be hard pushed to recognise him) as Dr. Chester in episode 3 of The Seeds of Doom.
He features prominently amongst the DVD extras for all the Camfield stories.

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  1. And featured prominently in two of the stories in ATV's fondly remembered Timeslip.