Sunday, 22 September 2013

Landmarks No.35

And so the classic series of Doctor Who ended. On the evening of 6th December, 1989, the Doctor and Ace wandered away from Horsenden Hill to continue their travels - but without us.
We didn't know it at the time, but JNT and Andrew Cartmel guessed as much - hence the added speech about people and places made of smoke and song as they walk away from us.
Only those who read the DWM comic and the later novels would know what the Seventh Doctor and Ace got up to next. They're still out there, according to Big Finish. The evidence is all a bit contradictory, however.
Does Ace go off to Gallifrey to be enrolled at the Academy? That's what Cartmel had in mind for her. Did she become a gun-toting, latex clad warrior? Did she die in the Doctor's arms - as the DWM comic had it? Or did she become a powerful business woman who did a lot for charity, as the Sarah Jane Adventures imply? Had SJA continued, there were plans to have her appear.
Ace returns to Perivale, but it is no longer her home. That's the TARDIS now.
Anthony Ainley makes his final appearance as the Master, and fortunately he's back on form.
There will be some more Ainley Master madness, courtesy of a computer game. You can find the scenes on the DVD for this story. They're surreal.
The story certainly sets a template to be used when the series returns in 2005 - in terms of the contemporary (sub)urban background for the companion and as a setting for alien activities.

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