Sunday, 15 September 2013

Landmarks No.33

Silver Nemesis.
The actual 25th Anniversary story, the order of season 25 being rearranged so that this could begin its run on the 23rd November, 1988.
Unfortunately it is a bit of a re-run of the same season's Remembrance of the Daleks - with the Doctor manipulating the villains who want to get their hands on an ancient Gallifreyan artifact - one which is then used to destroy them at the resolution of the story.
It is actually nowhere near as good as the former story. Perhaps the Dalek tale ought to have been the anniversary story.
There are also more hints as to some dark secret about the Doctor's true origins. Lady Peinforte knows what this is (from some un-televised adventure).
She is played by Fiona Walker, who appeared in the programme's very first season (as Kala in The Keys of Marinus).
It is amazing how much padding there is in what is only a three episode story, with three different sets of villains running around.
A load of past and present production personnel - and Nicholas Courtney - make up the tour group looking round Windsor Castle.
In hindsight, there is a problem with all these powerful Gallifreyan artifacts. Whilst the Doctor could have come across the living metal, validium, long after he left his homeworld, it is certainly implied that he took the Hand of Omega with him when he first fled the planet. How does this square with the Doctor and Susan not even knowing which TARDIS they were going to steal until the last moment? Can the Hand shrink to a handy pocket size?
The idea that he stocked up the TARDIS with a load of super weapons before setting off on his travels just does not ring true with me.


  1. Did Dr Who leave Gallifrey with Susan when stealing that Type 40? Their is some evidence that the Doctor was travelling on his own first, before travelling with Susan, not too mention the sources that claim she was in Old Time Gallifrey.

    1. Do bear in mind that I limit myself to what has been seen / heard on TV only.