Wednesday, 10 July 2013

While I Was Away...

So what did I miss over the last week?
First of all, we had the royal visit to the Doctor Who studios - Prince Charles seen above recruiting new staff. Strax would make an ideal wet-nurse for the impending third in line to the throne.

The details for the big November convention have been released. Each day has the same line-up (as with last year's Cardiff event) but you only get Tom Baker on the Saturday. Prices are a far more reasonable £45.

The reconstruction of the original TARDIS console, built for An Adventure In Space And Time, has now been set up in the Cardiff DW Experience. The new Cybermen and the Ice Warrior are amongst the other new exhibits. I am planning a trip there soon, so will report on the changes since my December visit.

A special Fourth Doctor collection is being released at the end of this month - including a vanilla release for Terror of the Zygons. There is a bit more to it than the Regeneration box set. BBC shop have it for £62.99. There are only 5000 of them up for grabs. Personally, I'll wait for the Autumn Zygons release.

Finally, a couple of forthcoming attractions. Saturday sees the Doctor Who Prom broadcast on Radio 3 between 7.30 - 10.00pm.
Tomorrow should see the release of the Second Doctor Telesnaps from DWM - Volume 1 - covering the Ben & Polly stories.

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