Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Smith, Tennant, Hurt... and McGann?

File this under speculation. According to the new issue of Radio Times (27th July to 2nd August), quoting a "reliable source" Tennant is not the only returning Doctor in the 50th Anniversary Special. One of the pre-2005 surviving Doctors is also expected to feature. As we now know that it features the Time War - Daleks seen battling Time Lords in the trailer which the BBC refuse to let licence payers see - McGann would surely be the best bet.


  1. By jingoes I hope so. Needing some good news after the missing eps furore that has exploded on certain forums.

  2. Had this appeared anywhere else I would have ignored it, but coming from the Radio Times it might well have some veracity. I'm only guessing McGann due to the new trailer. Tom is by far the most popular of the old guard, so could equally be him.
    I have been keeping an eye on this missing episodes story, but can't quite believe it yet.

  3. I hope it's Paul McGann he deserves more air time as the Doctor.

    1. If the story is true, the only safe thing to say is who it won't be.
      Neither Colin Baker nor Sylvester are likely as they just aren't popular enough outside fandom.
      McGann makes sense in the context of the Time War; Tom is still incredibly popular and is a sort of global shorthand for the Doctor; Davison, of course, is best mates with Moffat and also Tennant's father-in-law.