Monday, 29 July 2013

Landmarks No.21

Terror of the Zygons.
This has recently gained a new significance for now being the first story to feature the Zygons, rather than the only one - as it was for such a long time.
I have mainly chosen it as a landmark story, however, due to the fact that it represents the final fling for UNIT. (A Highland Fling and that).
Yes, Harry and Benton are both in The Android Invasion, but they are really badly served in that - spending more time as evil doppelgangers, and poor Benton is last seen lying flat out on the floor. If it wasn't for the "selling cars" comment later, he could have been dead for all we know.
No, this is the last of the proper UNIT stories, with the final regular appearance of Nicholas Courtney's Brigadier. He'll be a school master next time we see him.
Very much the end of an era - and what a great story to bow out on.

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